How We Do Things

Documentation Protocols

We take great care to document and track all items that come into our facilities. The following steps are taken for each item we receive:

• Photo documentation
• Recording of any available data, identification numbers and nomenclature associated with the item. This especially includes any SAP or customer inventory number that we can identify.
• Assignment of unique ISS inventory numbers and tagging of the item with a large, color coded (by customer) identifying tag.
• Entering of all relevant data, including the photograph, into our custom, searchable database.

In addition, we can give each customer online access to the latest copy of our database. This version is only a copy. No one can access our database via the internet.

Environmental Monitoring

Data recorders are online 24/7 to allow us to analyze our performance regularly and make adjustments to ensure your equipment is in the environment it needs.

We are serious about preserving our customers assets and about knowing we are doing the best job we can.